Industrial Water Treatment

Sustainable & Flexible Solutions for Every Industry

Due to the diversity of various industries, we firmly believe that there can’t be one solution that fits all. That’s why with our expertise and flexible approach towards treating industrial water & waste water, we implement customised industrial water treatment methods suitable to your domain and industry. Our 25 years of operational excellence, combined with our highly-skilled team of design and service engineers, make us a perfect combination to tactfully overcome any industrial water treatment problem that your business may face. Industrial wastewater or water may include peculiarities such as – floating, settling, dissolved, biological or colloidal matter. Additionally, the waste may contain odour, dissolved contamination or colour, turbidity or any conflicting pathogens that may affect the overall performance of your manufacturing unit. Let’s have a look at our approach and the most common available methods to effectively overcome this;


  • Wastewater Treatment Systems: Chemically Precipitating total hardness, suspended solids and silica is done by installing Clarifiers. This greatly assists in eliminating fine particles and filters the wastewater to a great degree. Further filtration by sand filter, carbon filter, bag filter, micron filter & Ultra Filter is provided for removal of all suspended particles upto 0.04 micron. Further chemical treatment is provided for destruction of any biological content, for better performance of RO systems.  Finally the water is treated through RO systems, to get treated water of excellent quality for reuse.


  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems: Many industries need specific water quality requirements, in line with their critical applications..  In order to accommodate this, suitable water treatment system is installed to protect the cooling tower, heat exchangers, moulds, machinery; corrosion, scaling or any other abnormalities.


  • Raw Water Treatment Systems:  Raw water is sourced from sources like – bore-wells, open wells, canals, rivers, tankers, and more. Depending on the source quality & the  end-application, various treatment methods are deployed – filters, Softening, De-Mineralisation, Ultra filtration, Reverse Osmosis, etc.


  • Boiler Feed Water Treatment Systems:   Various types of boilers need different quality of feed water; and considering different sources of water,  means more variety of treatment systems. So, boiler feed water has to be designed carefully from multiple angles..  Functionally, boiler loses water due to evaporation so, it must be replaced immediately with makeup water. To avoid foaming, we also deploy dealkalization to avoid alkalinity of water in boilers. To successfully remove, sediments, hardness, TDS or silica, we utilise Reverse Osmosis & Nano Filtration for boiler feed water.

Besides the above, we do understand that every industry faces different challenges when it comes to installing a trusted and a foolproof industrial water treatment system.  You can rely on Ahura Aqua for all your water treatment requirements as per your specific industry. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us today.

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