Nano Filters (NF)

Nano Filter

A very versatile product gaining niche reputation for itself is the nano-filtration membrane, which is also a thin film composite membrane designed to reject multi-valent ions such as various salts, sugars, proteins, polysaccharides, etc. With a pore size positioned between RO & UF the nano-filtration membrane becomes ideal for concentrating or demineralising  in the dairy industry and removal of organic matter, hardness removal, sulphate removal, desalting etc. for wastewater recovery.


  • Hardness, De-salting, Sulphate removal
  • Applications :Dyes de-salting, heavy-metal separation, COD reduction, Recovery of wastewater stream.
  • Capacities :1 M3/hr. upto 30 M3/hr.

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Our Installations

Capacity: 1 m3/hr. for De-salting

Installed at: Chaitanya Bio, Malkapur, Maharashtra