Services – Facilitating the Support You Need

Facilitating the Support You Need 

We nurture every relationship and emphasis this by going an extra-mile, to provide complete end-to-end support to optimize every installation and solution.

Here are our key services and support that we offer;

1. Commencing The Journey

i. Installation: 

– Erection by pre-approved drawings for P&ID, PFD, Floor Plan, etc.

– Ancillaries, Utilities, infrastructure to facilitate the installation


ii. Commissioning: 

– Matching design criteria of feed data, flow, pressure, results. etc.


iii. Training: 

– On-field training for floor operators include-maintaining system/equipment health awareness, this is carried out by qualified personnel and results in longevity and high reliability of the system


2. Smooth Sailing

i. Preventive maintenance: 

– Involves periodic servicing and monitoring of your water treattment stream


ii. Corrective maintenance: 

– Ensures you are never stuck high & dry in terms of crisis, our widespread network of certified service partners & suppliers are always equipped to deal with panic


iii. Spares & Additional equipment: 

– We ensure availibility of reliable spare parts which are kept unanimous amongst our high impact service partners across the nation to ensure high reliability & ease of operation for all our clients


3. Stay Connected

i. Performance Forecasting:

– Our online technical assistance, enabled by localising sensors installed throughout the treatment stream aids predictive maintenance by highlighting root cause of site-specific constraints

ii. Process Optimisation:

– Upgradation & improvisation consultation enables our clients to develop organic and realistic plans for future growth in terms of handling volumes & our modular approach towards our systems ensure cost effective upgradation

iii. AMC & O&M:

One of our core strengths, because of our widespread network of service partners & 25 years of empirical know-how has contributed intensively to our learning curve. Few benefits resulting from our O&M contracts are avoiding operational cost traps, higher working time of the system, minimal standstill durations, maximum process efficiency & maintenance cost control.