Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse Osmosis

Ahura Aqua’s Reverse Osmosis (RO technology) is a process of separation that forces pressurized water through semipermeable membranes. RO can be used in a wide variety of industrial solutions, that includes the treatment of brackish well water, wastewater, seawater, and potable water generation.  Our Reverse Osmosis system allows purified, concentrated water to pass while rejecting contaminates such as salts, bacteria, proteins, dyes, sugars, particles, and other organics.

Ahura Aqua offers customizable reverse osmosis water treatment depending on – feed water analysis, requirement of end quality, the client and businesses’ requirement.

Reverse Osmosis

  • Removes Total Dissolved Salts (TDS)
  • Applications : process water for any industry, Recovery of wastewater stream.
  • Also for Potable water, water for Food & Pharma industry

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Our Installations

Reverse Osmosis for Waste-Water treatment
Capacity: 45 m3/hr
Installed at: Detox (GF), Well-known Polyester, etc.

Reverse osmosis for pure water generation in pharmaceuticals.
Single pass And also 2 pass RO-EDI,

Capacity: Up to 6000 LPH

Installed at: Medilux Pharma, Rusan Pharma, K.Patel Phyto Extracts, Althea Pharma, Hitech Formulations, Avik Pharmaceuticals, Swati Spentose, and many more.