Food & Beverage

Ensuring the Water Purity for Food & Beverage processing

Manufacturing and processing units of food, pulp, juice, beverage, beer, etc. can benefit from our systematic & meticulously designed process & wastewater treatment plant that helps deliver consistent quality in large volumes, to suit your production requirements.

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Dairy Processing

We are working with several reputed clients from the Pharmaceutical industry and regularly helping them to achieve the below;

Nano-filtration & ultra-filtration are two of the key technologies that dominate in the dairy processing industry. Key processes such as protein concentration where the level of protein needs to be standardised or whey protein concentration based on type of whey. UF also impacts yield ratio, best case scenario is an increase by 55%. Lactose reduction due to precise automation & superior design allows absolute reduction right before hydrolysis. Nano-filtration further concentrates the whey & permeate which results in reduction of total mineral content.

Forward Osmosis is the latest technology, which is soon gaining popularity for extreme & stringent conditions.