Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

We understand the needs of the Metal Finishing industry for all four critical applications of Water – which needs relatively high quality water – Process Water, On-Line metal recovery, ETP, Recovery of ETP treated water for Re-use.

We purify raw water to the level where almost zero conductivity, microbial content & finest suspended loads are removed, ensuring speck-less plating process.  

Customers can massively gain from our solutions for online recovery of expensive heavy metals, which can be reused for the manufacturing process or even resold.

Meticulously designed recovery systems, have achieved recover up to 93% of ETP treated water for reuse. This reduces discharge of waste water and also the requirement of fresh inlet water; it saves operational expenses and is a massive contribution to the environment.

We help you achieve zero liquid discharge by evaporating the last 7% of extremely high concentrated wastewater.

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Innovation and Research

We are working with several reputed clients from the Metal & Steel industry and regularly helping them to achieve the below;
Optimize Operations
Automated System
Reduce operational complexity
Improve resource utilization

Our Solutions

Ahura Aqua’s customised water treatment designs is an effective solution to every Metal & Steel company’s water treatment problem.

Great Technology

Installing state-of-the art technology with flexible, customised and automated operation system.

Delivery On Time

End-to-end support combined with a transparent installation process where we keep you informed and updated at every step.

Certified Engineers

A dedicated and expert team of engineers with decades of experience working for the Metal Finishing industry.

Best Branding

Ensuring sustainable water engineering that will increase the overall productivity of your business.