Resorts and hotels

Resorts can benefit largely from our unique solutions as we can help individual properties become self-sufficient and completely abandon their dependency on retail packaged water and in-turn eliminate plastic usage in their property. You can be assured to have access to hygienic water, free from odour or colour and absolutely NIL – suspended or dissolved contamination from our systems. We also provide STP systems, with the option to recover and reuse up to 90% of greywater.

We have integrated a stream of purification system including UF & RO plant with automation, at one of the resorts for drinking water purpose, in pursuit of eliminating usage of plastic from the premise. Now the property saves significant cash flow and is entirely self-efficient in terms of water needs; over & above the environmental benefits.

Other systems useful to hotels & resorts are – Softeners, Ultra Filters, Reverse Osmosis, etc. These are useful for various machines in kitchens, laundry, dish washing, AC, cooling towers, boilers, and much more.

Marine Desalination

Natural water bodies may comprise up to 70% of the Earth but certainly is not useable directly for any applications to us. That is, before rigorous treatment by carefully designed stream of primary, secondary & tertiary water treatment systems. Carefully selected raw-materials and membrane brands grouped with an experienced team of highly qualified engineers and service engineers ensure top-notch quality of water that can be used for multiple purposes such as potability, human contact rinsing, food preparation, floor-board washdown. Our containerised systems ensure up to 55% recovery of seawater in feed with appropriate pre-treatment.

Offering Customizable Solutions for Dyes & Pigments industry

Flocculation, Settlers, Clarifiers, adsorption, ozonation, filtration, ion-exchange, ultra-filtration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis systems, forward osmosis systems can provide quality process water which results in better end-product & reduces wastewater that is accepted by the dyes & pigment industry.

Post-treatment needs to be exceedingly rigorous in order to control the level of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) or Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), high TDS, Salts, Sulphates, Chlorides, are treated to meet discharge compliance.

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Innovation and Research

We are working with several reputed clients from various industries and regularly helping them to achieve the below;
Optimize Operations
Automated Systems
Reduce operational complexity
Improve resource utilization

Our Solutions

Ahura Aqua’s customised water treatment designs is an effective solution for every company’s water treatment problem.

Great Technology

Installing state-of-the art technology with flexible, customised and automated operation system.

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End-to-end support combined with a transparent installation process where we keep you informed and updated at every step.

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A dedicated and expert team of engineers with decades of experience working for various industries.

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Ensuring sustainable water engineering that will increase the overall productivity of your business.