Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Why Should You Get a Sewage Treatment Plant from Ahura Aqua?

Every company and organisation is aiming to build a robust Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in order to minimise the environmental damage caused due to release of commercial or industrial waste. Besides contamination being a primary concern, sewage contains a high amount of organic and inorganic waste that cannot be released without appropriate treatment.

Ahura Aqua offers end-to-end project management to optimise the usage of the sewage water for your business. Our advanced water treatment plants come with manual operation, semi-automatic operation or automatic operation technology as per the requirements of your business. Our Sewage Treatment Solutions meticulously look into every stage of the treatment. The primary treatment removes all large objects and grits from the water, the secondary treatment removes the organic matter and other harmful organisms, and the tertiary treatment removes the nitrogen and phosphorus content from the water. Ahura Aqua offers both technologies for sewage treatment – MBBR & MBR based systems.

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