Waste-Water Recovery and Reuse

Recovering and Reuse of Waste-Water, Made Effortless

Untreated wastewater is not only hazardous to the ecosystem but is also an enormous economic burden on various industries. It is vital and mandatory that a robust water treatment system is installed to regulate the discharge of wastewater. Whether you’re a manufacturing unit or simply a carrier of raw materials, a systematic approach is required in order to control the indiscriminate discharge of the waste water into the environment. Ahura Aqua is adept in devising sustainable industrial water cycle solutions for pharmaceuticals, textiles, metal, steel, plastic and many other key industries.

Ahura Aqua knows how imperative it is for your business to have a flawless waste-water recovery treatment system. Wastewater recovery is the process of treating wastewater post ETP so that it can be used for the process again, or for various utilities  such as cooling towers, boilers, or for gardening, sanitation, and irrigation. The ability to recover reusable water enables businesses to be less dependent on fresh water and thus contributing to environmental obligations, while enabling the manufacturing unit to be more self-sufficient and heavily save on operating cost.

The most crucial aspect of maintaining smooth function of these wastewater recovery systems is to have meticulous design standards across the entire treatment streams. Keeping up with governmental discharge limits, our meticulously designed waste water recovery systems are engineered to meet stringent effluent requirements. Additionally, our water treatment solutions are completely automated and are capable of recovering up to 95% of your wastewater,  Customers can curb the operational costs, surpass the permissible discharge norms, by  maximizing the recovery of wastewater,  with the help of our water treatment solutions. Contact us today!

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