Ultra Filters (UF)

Ultra Filters efficiently handles a range of turbidity and TSS of feedwater down to sub-micron levels. It also helps to reduce the amount of pathogens and certain types of bacteria and even viruses, improve silt density index (SDI), reduce colloidal silica, or sterilize fluids for drinking.

  • Membrane filtration of Suspended solids, Turbidity
  • Also reduces some organics, colloidal silica, microbial content
  • Ultra-Fine filtration of 0.02 – 0.04 microns
  • Pre-treatment to RO system, Clean Potable water generation
  • 1 M3/hr. upto 100 M3/hr.

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Our Installations

Capacity:upto 60 m3/hr

Installed at:  Well-known polyester, Galva Deco, Detox, DNH Spinners.